From the Artist - Andrea Vargas Mendoza:
Mountain Flower speaks of a place where dreams and passions are carried by the wind and ascend to the clouds. Mountain Flower pays homage to nature’s beauty from the top of a sacred mesa called Dzil Na’oodillii, which is located on the soil of the Dine (Navajo) Nation. She is a spectacular mountain range that is surrounded by the company of the yellow Greenthread flowers, and visited by soft Grey Hairstreak butterflies. In the summer, the Greenthread flower is strong and grows bright yellow petals.  In the winter she is sweetest when made into Navajo tea – soothing and warm.

About Andrea Vargas-Mendoza:
Andrea Isabel Nahuali Vargas-Mendoza comes from the legacy of Olin and from values inherited by the Naakai dine’é clan. Her signature style combines energy with larger-than-life images. She has a passion for sharing her paintings, silks and drawings inside museum spaces where she can highlight her love of nature and the elements.

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