Release Receive

For the music, noise and sound community of New Mexico and those who aspire

It is within our power to leave what we need

It is within our power to receive what we need

It is always there for us

"Life is not a linear journey" - WakeSelf

Thank you for your legacy

Thank you for your consciousness

Leaving a legacy is your most powerful note

Receiving is your talent

May you be blessed

There is no time where time does not exist
Dedicated to Wake Self and the Buffalo. We love you.

Within this immersive environment the participants will experience their own ecology with it by interacting with buffalo, iron (blood of our mother), tree, light, water, colors, sound, touch and iconography. This experience is meant to give them inspiration. Participants may leave something for others and or receive something from others on the wooden altars. This symbolizes a release of burden, gifts, needs and or receiving of gifts, needs etc. Part of our human condition is our spiritual interaction between each other and what may seem as a burden to one is a gift to another or them being the same thing to the individual needing to be passed on or put to rest. The elements placed in the room are meant to help us with this transition. Although our experiences are similar our ecology with objects and each other is individual. By these interactions everyone leaves a legacy.

The breath of the buffalo while they sing messages to you creates winds of change. They have no eyes which represents non judgement, return to innocence and forgiveness. It also represents being within in the spirit world and our ability to navigate it. The wind symbols can be found laterally across many cultures, as in Aztec culture, for this space it represents transition. The activation of the wind chimes outside represents two things. The releasing wind and the receiving wind. Both are transtion. The releasing wind is your creation. The receiving wind comes from the horizon where petroglyphs by Indigenous Pueblo people remain. The design of the headrest is an exact mapping of the Rio Grande in Las Cruces. At night it glows with gold and orange similar to many saints iconographic paintings, representing divinity.