Taos Pueblo Views from a Pueblo room. The Pueblo room starts from early Taos Pueblo mountains, then goes from late night to early morning to twilight. Ends with the pueblo pottery fish.  I want visitors to feel how it is in our Pueblo house. The paintings are like looking from the inside from each time of the day and night.  The Pueblo door has a real handle and looks like it can be opened. All Pueblo doors are handmade and started to appear in the late 1870's. The painting title Taos Pueblo Early Morning shows an entrance from the rooftop. That's how we used to enter the rooms. The ladder on the same painting shows one side longer than the other side. It was used to help pull you up when carrying a load. But also, was used to pull the ladder up. All of my paintings show the way it used to be from the 1920s and earlier. The Trout paintings in the restroom goes from realism to pottery form to make you feel like you're in a river. I want the visitor to experience like their resting in a gallery of the Southwest.