This room communicates the connection between past and present, traditional and modern, and paying homage to the natural environment. The graffiti aesthetic lines are elemental in my compositions. In this room, they represent the movement of the cool breeze gliding down the Taos Mountain, and the chilled spring water from our sacred Blue Lake, that generates the river’s flow. Life is plentiful during the warmer seasons in Taos Pueblo, within the wash area I painted abstracted flowers blooming and welcoming the sun that meets the water to create life.

I painted the Taos Mountain facing the north side of the room, every morning when I’m home the first thing I look up to is our mountain. I am appreciative that this mountain belongs to my people and we will always take care of it with the goodness of our hearts. Taos Pueblo is the foundation of Taos, its energy has drawn so many other people to this place. We as the People of the Red Willow (our original tribal name) are humble and welcome those that visit our ancient land and homes.

The three Pueblo women I painted harmonize with the idea of creation, these figures tie together my love for Animation, and Pueblo attire nowadays, which incorporate pre-contact Northern Pueblo style with worldly imports, such as elaborate fabrics. Overall, this room encompasses the telling of resistance, resilience, and survival of Pueblo People. Today we stand strong, and Taos Pueblo will always be the home I return to.