From the Artist - Dylan Tenorio:
The cyclic motion of our Universe decorates the interior of this room just as it does with the surrounding environments of this ever-changing land. On one side we are caressed by the solitude of night, and on the other we are guided by prayerful dawn. Through this painting I hope to bring forth many teachings from my grandmother Beatrice, one who lived so closely to the Earth’s motions. A strip of coral color flows along the floor, representing the rejuvenating life force everything in this world holds. This strip also exists in my grandmother’s home. Teal, a color by which all Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island recognize, represents water and tranquility. This land, adorned by harmonic dimensions, gives us a new perspective on the lives we lead with every turn of the cycle. The piñon trees sprinkled across the view of any who have traversed these areas are reminders of our time here on this world; as they have witnessed our peace and destruction for time immemorial. Here they stand quietly amongst the cycles, providing their energy through seeds, just as all life provides for one another within all ecosystems on this Earth. This room’s goal is to bring the outside in, with its beautiful harmony preserved.

About Dylan Tenorio:
Dylan is from Kewa Pueblo / Diné, he has been drawing since he was very young, inspired by his family of jewelers and the philosophies of Pueblo traditions he has been working diligently since to evolve his practice as an artist.

“I am very fortunate to have grown up the way I have, and I cherish the many teachings I have learned over my time here, through the many people who are in my life. I too am reminded by this piece of a fundamental lesson, every day is a new day, a new way, a fresh take, so I continue to discover new things through every passing day with love and prayer, just as my grandmother Beatrice did when she was here.”

Dylan is currently training as a Visual Development artist, using his outdoor experiences to create environments for various media, he strives to be an avid Environment Designer for interactive experiences such as games or virtual environments. He is also a musician, composer, and producer with a collection of 18 albums from 2011-2016 under the moniker ACBO, and hopes to someday bring his visual arts and music into unison through animation.