From the Artist - Estella Loretto:
"The Gift of a New Dawn"

Honoring the Sunrise
Bringing Early Morning Blessings
Celebrating a New Day
With morning prayer, in
Positive Mediation about our
Journey, or Goals, and Dreams
Enjoying and celebrating our lives
With Gratitude and Kindness

- Estella Loretto

About Estella Loretto:
Estella Loretto is currently the only Native American woman working in monumental bronze sculpting. She is considered to be one of the finest sculptors/artists living today. Estella's genuine spiritual nature defines her commitment to integrity. Her art is contemporary, serene and very spiritual. Her world travels and studies give her a broad sense of creative expression focusing on creating healing environments. Loretto was the last student of Allan Houser as well as a student of other masters throughout the world. She studied in Italy, Japan, India, Nepal, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, and is also a graduate of the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Estella was Born in Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico. She now lives and designs, sculpts, paints and works on a new line of jewelry in her beautiful Southwest home and studio in Santa Fe. Today she enjoys spending time with her granddaughter, Faith. She enjoys cooking and entertaining her friends, family, and clients. To view and experience Estella Loretto's work is profoundly extraordinary. She shows by appointment.

"I see the making of Art and the process it entails as a sincere and beautiful way to communicate with the great spirit. I want my creations to be serene and balance having graceful flow."

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