From the Artist - Geraldine Tso:
"This hotel room in Albuquerque, New Mexico is about visiting the Pueblo with family and friends. Dine, the people, traveling together, on a nice cool day. Visiting and socializing, with Pueblo families. Colorful blankets, keeping them warm from a long journey along the Northern New Mexico landscape. The striking red Chile peppers are a trademark of the Southwest. New Mexico is known for its Chile, and many of the 19 Pueblos of New Mexico use red Chile in various Chile stews. Several years ago, I planted some pumpkin seeds, in a small garden patch, at Taos Pueblo, NM. Today, in several of my paintings, I represent my three kids as pumpkins. To see pumpkins and their vines grow and stretch out, exposing the cheerful beauty and bright color tones of each pumpkin, giving a character to each one.

Paintings above bed: Navajo Land, Coyote Canyon NM: A place of home, a horseman, taking a ride, under a quite peaceful deep sky.  Bathroom: Petroglyphs, Prehistoric, Native American Petroglyphs."

About Geraldine Tso:
Geraldine Tso, Dine (Dine/Navajo), was born in Gallup, New Mexico and raised in Coyote Canyon and Standing Rock, New Mexico. She gravitated towards drawing and coloring at a very early age, which her parents, both accomplished artists in their own right, encouraged her to pursue. Even though she considers herself to be self-taught, she studied formally at the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and UNM, Gallup, New Mexico. Geraldine works with different mediums including acrylic, oils, and watercolor on handmade paper & printmaking such as monotypes and serigraphy. Ms. Tso's primary artistic influences are RC Gorman and the Taos Arts Society. Her artwork consists primarily of Southwest architecture and landscapes which emulate the natural earth tones of the Southwest. Ms. Tso has shown her work in such prestigious shows as the SWAIA Santa Fe Indian Market, the Eiteljorg Indian Market, Indianapolis, IN, Autry Museum of the Southwest, Indian Market, Los Angeles, CA, Pueblo Grand Museum, Indian Market, Phoenix, AZ, The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center Museum, Indian Market, and numerous others across the country and the Southwest. She has won "best of shows" at the following juried events; the San Juan Bautista Art Show and the Parkview Fine Art Show in Aurora, Colorado. Her paintings have been purchased by individuals worldwide who have acquired her work either at Evening Snow Come Gallery in Taos Pueblo, NM, or various art shows. Her work has also been featured in various magazines & books and featured in galleries such as the National Museum of the American Indian in New York City and Evening Snow Comes Gallery, Taos Pueblo, NM. The beauty of Geraldine Tso's paintings embraces a bright and surrealistic vision that also include a hint of traditionalism. Ms. Tso is the proud mother of three children, who are also artistically gifted.Artist Guest Rooms are in a community partnership in conjunction with the Institute of American Indian Arts.