From the Artist - Ishkoten Dougi:
This room is a fine art painting/installation painted by Ishkoten Dougi, Jicarilla Apache/Navajo, Institute of American Art Alumnus. #1NDN Artist Room is a reflection of NDN art being sent to the future to earmark time with a physical landmark that will stand until the end of time. Nativo Lodge as given me a chance to do just that. To send my reputable art into the future for all people of all race and age will enjoy the works of Native American art; to engulf oneself into an emergence of relaxation with the room to embrace you with comfort. NDN images will bring the neon surface into focus and words will communicate with the viewer to give hints of the Reservation Life, the road to the rez is followed by a group of teepees and as you pass the pane glass windows you see the horizon of floating teepees. Love is the center to every journey with an image of lips to remind us we are not alone and we will find the end fulfilled.

About Ishkoten Dougi:
Ishkoten Dougi studied fine arts at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, NM. He's shown with all the iconic Native artists from Tony Abeyta to Fritz Scholder, and some of the world's greats like Matisse and Picasso. Dougi has shown in over a dozen galleries and group shows in the U.S. Dougi is Jicarilla Apache and Navajo. From Northern Arizona and Northern New Mexico, Dougi was brought up with art as a way to put food on the table. Following his role models, Dougi has been able to achieve a rank as one of the most modern Native artists alive to date by working within his color theory using color as a "weapon." Ishkoten Dougi does art for the future of Native art and for a foothold in history for his bloodline of Jicarilla Apache and Navajo to reach beyond the future of today's understanding of the American Indian.

"I would like the future to have my art to make me happy and feel safe."

His studio is in the high desert of New Mexico where he wonders where his next creation will go with his dreamy art and texture of time. His art will appease the best collectors of any Southwest or Native American art collector among the modern taste. Be sure to make it to Ishkoten Dougi's next art show to see what is fresh and new in Native art. Among his paintings and stone carvings, he likes to include works on paper from the studio.

Artist Guest Rooms are in a community partnership in conjunction with the Institute of American Indian Arts.