From The Artist - Kelly Frye:

Existence is the exploration of using geometric abstraction to explore the idea of sharing thoughts through non-objective forms. Using the concepts of Suprematism allows me to freely compose ideas that the origins of humanity are the same. In our ever-changing world, our communities have been polarized by political and religious ideologies that threaten peace and progress. Existence is my way of expressing universal thought through pure feeling, that all our lives are made of forms and shapes that we collect individually to paint the world we live in. Existence

About Kelly Frye:

In her paintings and her metalwork, Kelly Frye explores themes of healing from trauma, including personal, communal, and global. Kelly graduated with a BFA in fine arts from the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico. An enrolled member of Tesuque Pueblo, Mescalero Apache descent, with Spanish and European ancestry, her art embodies her unique cultural background. As she writes, “The soul and spirit of my work springs from my curious nature. This curiosity has led me to many adventures throughout my life. Self-discovery through the arts allows me to express a contemporary voice of my Indigenous world. I find limitless possibilities of expression in a combination of historical and personal narratives. These experiences have allowed me to explore different mediums, culminating in a passion for sculpture with casting metals and freedom of expression in abstract painting.”