From the Artist - Michelle "Milo" Lowden:
The room's color aims to interpret the sunsets of the Southwest and the design pattern help reflect elements of mother nature. The room radiates positive energy and is meant for finding the beauty in the day-to-day life that is often taken for granted. When the sun sets, she wants each guest to embrace each day with a thankful outlook on life.

About Michelle "Milo" Lowden:
Lowden is the proud founder and owner of Milo Creations, which specializes in hand-painted Pueblo jewelry. She is the youngest of two, born to Roberta Charlie and Aaron Lowden, both from the Pueblo of Acoma. Lowden currently operates and resides on the Pueblo of Acoma Reservation in New Mexico. Her inspiration to reconnect traditional designs through a contemporary medium began with observing her father's sculptures as well as studying her family's history of illustrious potters. In 2014, Michelle became the first participant in the Inspired Natives Project by the Eighth Generation company owned by Louie Gong. Inspired Natives Project is both a business initiative and an educational initiative. By collaborating with select arts entrepreneurs to manufacture products under the Eighth Generation brand, we hope to expand regional appeal of the Eighth- Generation brand while simultaneously increasing the capacity of the arts entrepreneurs and educating the public about the tangible costs of cultural appropriation.