From the Artists - Working Classroom Middle School Students:
Our room is a collective of youth silhouettes, medicinal floral plants, symmetry, and warmth from a sacred mountain. The goal was to send a positive message of harmony and reciprocity with the earth, and the many healing gifts She brings.

About Working Classroom:
In 2019, Nativo partnered with Albuquerque’s Working Classroom’s students from the Native American Community Academy and instructors to create collaborative middle and high school artist rooms. Working Classroom cultivates the artistic, civic, and academic minds of youth through in-depth arts projects with contemporary artists to amplify historically ignored voices, resist systemic injustices, and imagine a more equitable society. They value the strong, fresh and unique voices that youth bring to art and social justice movements. Training young artists from under-represented communities contributes to a more complete and nuanced understanding of our world. Art has the power to heal and disrupt isolation and systems of oppression. 2019 Instructors: Joeseph Arnoux & Rylin Becenti.

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