From the Artist - Randy Barton:

Randy’s artwork is a visual tool meant for educating. He explores the teachings from Navajo creation stories to remind himself of how to find the answers & solutions to life's problems. The foundation of all Randy’s recent paintings derives from Navajo healing ceremonies, therefore the beauty way & protection way can be found in every one of his pieces, as well as in his signature. In "All Direction Protection", you will notice iconic symbols that represent ancient knowledge. The brush strokes, gradient backgrounds & shapes represent the colors seen in the mind’s eye of the seer. Randy is drawn to creating abstract landscapes manifested from the spirit realm so that the paintings become gifts of prayer, reflection, and remembrance of the Dine culture. He paints the vivid visions of the past, present, and future of the five fingered people. "All Direction Protection" is an installation that brings the Earth Surface People in touch with paintings of Diyin Dine’e’ (the Holy People). The Holy People created stars out of crystals to signify seasons on earth. The paintings represent abstract crystal visions. You will notice the inter-connected shapes of landscapes and wedding baskets that also represent the light found in white & black crystals which are seen by the sun, moon and stars. There are stars watching us during the day, and even though we can’t see them, they are protecting us. The Holy People protect us from all directions. “All Direction Protection."

About Randy Barton:

Randy Barton was introduced to graffiti art and b-boy street art at the age of six. After his public art gained recognition in his hometown, Winslow, Arizona, he started freelancing for a few businesses, and these opportunities expanded his horizons in the realms of Graphic Design. His art conveys vivid visions of the past, present and future of the five-fingered people. Randy attended Collins College of Design and Technology in Tempe, Arizona, where he learned design principles and color theory. During his digital art studies, Barton developed an interest in painting with acrylics and experimenting with different types of mediums such as oils and mixing house paint with sand.